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EDIFIER G5BT Gaming Headset

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CAD $ 149.99
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Hi-Res Audio Certified

The G5BT gaming headset features top-notch audio technology, elevating the resolution to 24bits/96KHz for a much more detailed, richer soundscape. To enjoy Hi-Res lossless sound, a 3.5mm audio cable is required, and make sure your terminal supports the high-resolution standard.

Dual-Mic ENC

The dual MIC array accurately picks up the speaker's voice and ensures that the main direction of the target voice is clear. Effectively resists 90% of ambient noise and features full-coverage earcups and a retractable MIC for smooth gaming communication.

Long Playback Time

The built-in 800mAh battery provides up to 17 hours of battery life with lights on and 40 hours with lights off on a single charge. Have fun indoors or outdoors. No need to charge frequently.

Comfortable and Foldable

With a 3D-cutting design and zero pressure space memory foam, the earmuffs are soft and comfortable while fully covering your ears. Retractable and adjustable head beam for a snug fit and extra comfort. The foldable design of the gaming headset saves storage space and makes it easy to carry.

Cyber RGB Lighting Effects

In the design language of the supercar LCD dial, the exquisite gradient RGB breathing light in dark matched with the silicone buttons, it's like the neon light to the steel city of belief, inspiring you to gear up and uphold justice for the Cyber City.

Wireless/Wired Cross-Platform Compatibility

The 3.5mm audio cable allows gamers to experience Hi-Res lossless sound quality. Compatible with PC, PS4, mobile phone, and other ports. Available to play even without power. Wired or not, it's the same excellence.