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Designed for an immersive listening experience

  • Excellent audio playback performance
  • Inline microphone for clear calls</>
  • Exquisite noise-isolating experience

Natural Tones

Listen to natural tones with earphones made by Edifier. Premium in-ear earphones make sure that the sound reaches the deepest part of your ear without sound escaping your ears.

Ergonomic Design

Feel the comfort of the bullet shaped ergonomic fit of the P230 earbuds. 2017-07/Red-(15)_SJOkpMnVZ.jpg">

Omnidirectional Inline Microphone

Make sure your voice is heard. Use the omnidirectional in-line microphone with the earbuds and have your friends and family hear you clearly when making phone calls.

Swappable Earbud Tips

Finding the right fit for an earbud tip can be difficult. That is why Edifier include three different sized earbud tips. Swap out the earbud tips to fit the correct size between small, medium, and large.

Straight Gold-Plated Connector

A gold-played connector helps conduct sound from a source’s headphone jack into the earphones themselves. They are a simple gold-plated straight connection and are easy to connect to any source with a headphone jack.

  • Bluetooth


  • P230
  • Sound Pressure Level(SPL):102dB
  • Impedance: 24 Ohms
  • Cable Length:1.3M
  • Connector3.5mm stereo