Connecting your speakers

Check out each speaker page for a list of connectivity including 3.5mm auxiliary, RCA stereo or 5.1, optical / coaxial digital or Bluetooth wireless. To find out how to pair your Edifier speaker with various devices via Bluetooth, click here.

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Drivers and Software

Not sure if your Edifier speaker will work with your computer? Don’t be concerned. At most you may have to do a software update. Here is why:

A non-USB speaker does not require a driver or application to be installed in order for the speaker to work. Edifier speakers use standard audio signals as an input to effortlessly work with any device. This means all you need to do is plug it in and use it. No hassle trying to install them. At most you will need to select the audio device in your control panel or system preferences.

USB speakers are designed for easy set-up and installation. They feature built-in USB Sound Cards, which allow it to work with windows and mac os x operating systems. Both these systems already have the software driver needed for the speaker to work. Just like non-USB speakers, plug them in and experience flawless sound.

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