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  • MS50A
  • AUD $179.99
AUD $ 179.99



Probably the best sounding Wi-Fi speaker created, ever.

Great speakers learn no tricks. Enjoy studio quality Wi-Fi streaming with MS50A, a smart speaker without a microphone ensuring your privacy.

MS50A Classic Wi-Fi Speaker

Smart Touch Control

Simply move your fingertips on touch command on top of the speaker to adjust the volume and switch songs

Works with Alexa

Use Alexa App or Amazon Echo devices to control the audio playback through your favorite music Apps.



Pair two or more MS50A speakers to create a group by using Alexa's multi-room system feature. Play music on multiple speakers simultaneously



Living room




No built-in microphone helps protect your privacy.



Equipped with AP6265 chip, AMP, and DSP technology to build powerful tweeter and woofer without distortion.

  • Multi-Room Music
  • Microphone Free
  • High-quality Sound

Wireless Stereo Setup

Bring back the highly praised Edifier stereo sound stage by pairing two MS50A speakers with the Edifier Home App.

You can enjoy every bit of the bookshelf speaker setup, without the hassle of wires.

Access cloud based music streaming services like Amazon Music, Spotify, and more.


Stay connected with your music from your phone, PC and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

AirPlay 2

Play directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Like your music playing on multiple speakers? Simply tap each Edifier Wi-Fi speaker to enable them and set the volume to your liking.

Audio & Power
40W RMS average power rating.
All digital platform with DSP Technology.
5GHz fast Wi-Fi streaming and Bluetooth v5.0 connection.
2-way speaker with digital crossover.
Natively support Apple Airplay2 and Spotify, works with Alexa.
How do I set up the Edifier MS50A speaker?
Simply download the Edifier Home App on your device, plug in the speaker and open the App to get started. The App will guide you through setting up the speaker. Read More: How to Set up Your MS50A WiFi Speaker
Can I pair the Edifier MS50A with another Edifier speaker?
Yes. You can pair the Edifier MS50A with other models of Edifier speakers by creating a multi-room system on the Alexa App.
How can I use more than 2 Edifier MS50A speakers?
You can use more than 2 Edifier MS50A speakers by creating a stereo group on the Edifier Home App or creating a multi-room system on the Alexa App.
Does the Edifier MS50A speaker work with an Android phone?
Yes, it does.
Can I use the Edifier MS50A speaker without connecting to WiFi?
Yes, you can. The Edifier MS50A has a Bluetooth connectivity option, and you can connect the Edifier MS50A to your device via Bluetooth.
Can I use the Edifier MS50A speaker outdoor?
No, you can't. The Edifier MS50A works with an external power supply and has no built-in battery, so it is for indoor use only.
Is the Edifier MS50A speaker waterproof or weatherproof?
No, it isn't waterproof or weatherproof. Please place the MS50A speaker indoors and in a dry environment for use.
How can I control the music playing on the Edifier MS50A speaker?
The music playing can be controlled in the following ways:
  • (1) Touch panel on this speaker;
  • (2) Edifier Home App;
  • (3) Interactive voice devices: For Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tuneln, iHeartRadio and other music services linked to Alexa, after relevant accounts are linked, you can play through Alexa and control this speaker by using other interactive voice devices like Echo.
Can I make or answer phone calls from the Edifier MS50A speaker?
No, you can't make or answer phone calls from the Edifier MS50A speaker. There's no microphone built into the speaker, so it wouldn't be able to pick up your voice.
Does the Edifier MS50A speaker have a battery for portable use?
No, the Edifier MS50A speaker doesn't have a battery for portable use. It needs to be plugged in.
Does the Edifier MS50A speaker require charging?
The Edifier MS50A speaker does not require charging. It must be plugged into an outlet to work.
How to connect the Edifier MS50A speaker to a TV?
If the TV has Bluetooth connectivity and supports Bluetooth speaker output. However, with the large variety of Bluetooth chipsets available, we cannot guarantee if the speaker would connect to every TV.
Can the speaker connect to a smart TV with built-in WiFi?
If your TV is Bluetooth-compatible, you may be able to connect it with your speakers. While most smart TVs do not support WiFi connectivity with a speaker, some of the latest TV models do have a WiFi mode to connect to other mobile devices under the same WiFi network. Please check your TV manual for more information.
Does the Edifier MS50A speaker include or work with a remote control?
No. The Edifier MS50A does not include remote control and does not work with other remotes. You can control it with Alexa (where available), or from anywhere on your Wi-Fi network using the Edifier Home App.
Does the Edifier MS50A speaker have an AUX output?
No, the Edifier MS50A speaker does not have an AUX output. It supports WIFI and Bluetooth connections.
Does the Edifier MS50A speaker have an audio input jack?
No, the Edifier MS50A speaker does not have an audio input jack. It supports WiFi and Bluetooth connection.
Can multiple people in my household share the Edifier MS50A speaker?
Yes. The MS50A speaker supports multiple people connecting and controlling through the Alexa device. Note that you need to log in to the same Amazon account to utilize the multi-person control function. When multiple people log in to the same account, the latter operation takes precedence (for the same speaker).

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