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Crisp, clear, full-bodied sound

R1850DB Bookshelf Speakers

Crisp, clear, full-bodied sound

10 degree angled design

A unique 10 degree tilt directs sound more accurately at head level for an enhanced listening experience.

Luxurious MDF enclosure

A classic jet black look specially designed to reduce unwanted room resonance.

Sub out with a variety of inputs

Everything you need, including Sub out, Optical, Coaxial, Line-in and more


Bookshelf Speakers with Subwoofer Out

  • 10 Degree Angled Sound Design
  • Jet Black MDF Enclosure
  • Subwoofer Output
  • Treble, Bass, Volume Controls
  • Wireless Remote
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AUD $ 259
Year Warranty   30 Day Return Policy
R1850DB 2.0 bookshelf speakers system with subwoofer out

New Technology Familiar Design

Bringing back old school design with the latest technology. The R1850DB is an active 2.0 bookshelf speaker system designed at a 10-degree angle to accurately direct sound to you in the luxurious MDF wooden enclosure geared to minimize acoustic resonance. The mid woofer output produces quality sound and performance. The bass vibrates any room or space it inhabits, creating an ideal atmosphere for entertainment. The R1850DB is classic and fun with the latest Bluetooth technology allowing playtime from phones, tablets or laptops. When thinking of the R1850DB bookshelf speakers the first thing that comes to mind is balance; the perfect balance of function and design.

R1850DB bookshelf speaker system back panel with multiple inputs and subwoofer out.

List of inputs and outputs for R1850DB bookshelf speakers. Sub out, line in Comprehensive Controls

The R1850DB comes with a fully featured remote for the set of bookshelf speakers. Adjust the volume, switch inputs, mute the speakers and control Bluetooth connected playback all from your fingertips. The design of the remote with its modern sleek feel puts the power in your hands. Its easy to use and fits right in the palm of you hand providing the ultimate comfort. Edifier makes it easy on you with the simple remote commands for the R1850DB bookshelf speakers. Inputs are accessible with clear and concise functionality complimenting the manual. List of inputs and outputs for R1850DB bookshelf speakers. Sub out, line in

On Demand Powerful Subwoofer Performance

On demand powerful performance

Bass reflex port for R1850DB bookshelf speaker system

Angle Design Directs Sound

Every aspect of Edifier’s R1850DB bookshelf speakers are designed with purpose. The medium-density fiberboard [MDF] enclosure reduces distortion and minimizes acoustic resonance. The base of the speaker is angled at a 10-degree incline for dynamic precision and delivery. The design of the angle directs sound from the woofers right to your ears producing 70 watts of balanced quality tunes. Edifier’s R1850DB active bookshelf speakers are a stand out in both categories of style and performance. Its 4-inch midrange/woofer speaker drivers create rich lows. Meanwhile, the treble units produce clear highs. A perfectly tuned bookshelf speaker to suit your needs.

Bluetooth and More

A familiar design meets new technology. Featuring Bluetooth 4.1, the R1850DB bookshelf speakers can be paired with any device. Simply sync your smartphone, tablet or computer and listen to your favorite music, videos or games. The latest Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology is great for playing from multiple devices.


  • 60Hz-20KHz
  • RMS 16Wx2 + 19Wx2
  • ⩾85dBA
  • 0.5%
  • PC:700±50mV | AUX: 550±50mV
  • Φ19mm silk dome, 6ohm
  • 4"Φ116mm 6ohm
  • 155x223x254mm(w x h x d)
  • 6.63kg